CASIO Casio PRG-270B-1CR purchase process and open box drying

1. Purchase prequel This watch was purchased in the United States and Asia, is the time to buy five in the black, but I found this watch when the overseas found in Central Asia, because their original piece of the back side of the damaged GW7900, , And then put GW7900 given. Later in Central Asia overseas to buy this piece of PRG-270-1CR, when there is no hesitation, the next single, the price is 761.38 soft sister coins, plus taxes and fees 90.6, a total of 851.98 soft sister coins. Order of the day is November 23, when my heart did not concept that the black five when the uk replica watches will be discounted. Too easy: CASIO Casio PRG-270B-1CR purchase process and out of the box drying To the black five day, casually in the United States and Asia on a circle, even found PRG-270-1CR this watch price as long as 79.99 knives, plus freight taxes, as long as 650 soft sister coins less than suddenly feel loss of a billion, And then went to Central Asia to see, but also a discount, the price after the order as long as 622.97 soft sister coins, and my heart really can not be reconciled, ah, ready to cancel the original order and re-order in Central Asia. In the preparation of the original order to cancel the time, did not expect that the original order has been issued to the goods, can not cancel, and immediately contact Amazon customer service, customer service that can be rejected, the goods returned to the warehouse will be shipped Payment returned to the original credit card, and refused to charge any fees, vista, ah, my heart on the dark determination, the one after the arrival of rejection. And then began to compare the United States and Asia to buy overseas prices. CASIO Casio PRG-270B-1CR purchase process and open box drying CASIO Casio PRG-270B-1CR PRO TREK men climbing watch $ 79.99 + $ 13.3 tax direct mail (about ¥ 645) compared to the last recommended Straight down about 30 US dollars, close to historical low prices, there is a need to enter the United States Amazon is currently priced at 79.99 US dollars, 13.3 US dollars of tax-inclusive shipping, direct mail about 645 yuan. $ 30 or more for direct mailing, close to the historical low price, the value of the Friends of the need to consider the start ~ Use Visa credit card to buy direct mail products, at least $ 150 free shipping, more details, please refer to ~ Casio ProTrek series is designed for The value of 66 Comments 95 Favorites 150 Direct link to see more details 2. Place an order To tell the truth, if you buy one, the price is almost the same, but because the black five, the sea Amoy Brush CCB credit card back to the present, 100 knife back to 20 knives, and so on, to consider how to save money to maximize , And later found that the order in the United States and Asia two, then the price of the replica watches uk final order is 212.76 knife, if deducted back to 40 knife, as long as 172.76 knife, so doing a watch should be less than 600 yuan. So in the United States and Asia up and down a single purchase, the number 2 (must be in the end to save money). Too easy: CASIO Casio PRG-270B-1CR purchase process and out of the box drying 3. Arrival On December 2, Central Asia purchased the watch to buy overseas, refused, absolutely rejected! Then there is a long wait, while waiting for the arrival of the order of the United States and Asia, the other side is waiting for a refund of orders rejected Central Asia. December 5, when the United States and Asia orders to the arrival, the strange thing is two watches to China, how to set a plastic bag, the other is not it? Here to add one, obviously is an order, but the United States and Asia are two separate shipping watches, boxes have to use two, a little green ah, it is people do not understand. Too easy: CASIO Casio PRG-270B-1CR purchase process and out of the box drying 4. Surprise surprise First talk about the rejection of the order, and then come back to the sun thing. And so ah, refused to return orders for goods are less than where the transport, and my heart Jia, and then contact Amazon customer service, did not expect to get a bad news, customer service said only when the amount of 761.38 yuan back watch, Tax 90.6 yuan is not back, because the taxes and fees are to the country. My heart ten thousand mud horse, but the wood has become a boat, only silently accepted. Continue to wait ing. Such as a few days, or no news, then contact Amazon customer service, did not expect the outbreak of this customer service character, said that in order not to affect my shopping experience, direct help me apply for a refund, the money will be 3- 10 days back to the credit card, it is not expected that the rolex replica watches money returned to the card the next day, and is 851.98 yuan, my heart that happy ah, to the customer service point of praise! Conclusion: After receipt, and then look at the order of the United States and Asia, found that the price of the order into a 184.36 knife, the United States and Asia to adjust the price, deducting the CCB 20 knife back now, 164.36 knife, about 1140 soft sister coins, the price is more it is good! In addition, I will buy another piece of the watch is given out, and finally figure down their own watch only spent 450 soft coins less than the price of cooldown!